Open post How to Wash a Bike

How to Wash a Bike

How often to wash a bike We get this question a lot in the store, “How often should I wash my bike?” While we recommend a regular schedule of maintenance (monthly, weekly, or more), there is no clear-cut answer on the frequency because it largely depends on how often you ride and what the conditions...

Open post Triathlon Essentials

Triathlon Essentials

Starting your first season of triathlons can be a bit intimidating. You may be sorting out your training schedule, shopping for a bike, learning running and swimming techniques all at the same time AND you also need to acquire the right gear. From apparel, proper footwear, hydration tools, bike + maintenance tools, it all adds...

Open post Different Types of Handlebars Explained

Different Types of Handlebars EXPLAINED!

One of the most important components of a bicycle are its handlebars. Every bike has one. Each handlebar serves a different purpose and understanding the different types of handlebars may help you decide which type of bike you want (if you’re in the market for one) or perhaps how to maximize comfort or efficiency on...

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