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E-Bikes are growing popular in Lost Tree Village

You may have noticed an uptick of E-Bikes cruising around your neighborhood. The E-Bikes we sell offer riders pedal assist, which means they use a small electric motor to boost the power created by your own pedaling. And that’s why we say, “it’s not cheating!” You pedal the bike and the bike simply amplifies your power so you can ride further, longer, and with plenty of energy to spare once you arrive at your destination.

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A story from real test riders!

Meet Rick and Judy. Judy leads an active lifestyle and enjoys yoga, swimming, tennis, and all the great amenities offered within Admirals Cove. Rick is just trying to enjoy his retirement in peace without losing his connection to the industries and sports that shaped his earlier days.

Judy’s mission is to get Rick off the couch and enjoy the sunny side of their retirement together. So when Judy discovered that e-bikes might just be the carrot to coax Rick to enjoy the outdoors with her, she jumped on the opportunity to take a test ride at Bikes Palm Beach. Don’t miss the video to find out how much Rick and Judy loved our Trek E-Bikes!

Stop by Bikes Palm Beach for a test ride and join the E-Bike club today!

Bikes Palm Beach Home Delivery Service

Bikes Palm Beach makes shopping for a new bike fun and worry-free with home delivery service to Lost Tree.

Come visit our store in Juno Beach. We’re situated between the Juno Beach Cafe and the Thirsty Turtle on the corner US Hwy 1 and Donald Ross Road.

We’ll help you find the bike that’s perfect for you and allow you to take some test rides. Once your bike is selected, we’ll help you customize it to include the comfort and safety features that work best for you. Then, we can coordinate delivery right to your door.

Are you hosting guests in town? Or just want to ride bikes around the neighborhood, but you’re not ready to purchase? We can deliver bikes from our rental fleet and pick them up when you’re finished with your rental period.

Or maybe your bike needs a little TLC. We can schedule a pick up, service the bike in our shop, and deliver it back to your home, ready to roll!

Delivery fees start at just $25, so give us a call at 561-627-2453 or click the button below to get started.

Bike Rentals at Bikes Palm Beach

Bikes Palm Beach rents bicycles for every occasion.

Whether you are hosting guests and looking for some rental bikes to enhance their stay, or you’ve got a big race coming up and need a road bike to enhance your performance – we can help. Our rental fleet includes beach cruisers, hybrids, and performance road or mountain bikes.

We make deliveries, too!

Bikes Palm Beach offers excellent bike service and repairs with a 24-hour turnaround time!

We treat every bike that comes through our doors as if it were our own. We take great pride in the service we provide to our customers and the skilled bicycle mechanics at Bikes Palm Beach are some of the best in the business. Whether you ride a top-tier racing bike or a recreational cruiser, each and every bicycle is given proper consideration and care.

Don’t worry, no appointment necessary! Bring your bike for service today in our Juno Beach store located in Juno Beach, Florida.

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