Bikes Palm Beach is your Pinarello Headquarters

Bikes Palm Beach is your Pinarello Headquarters!

If you’re looking for a Dogma F12, F10, Prince, Prince FX, Paris, or Grevil – chances are, you’ll find it at our store.

Pinarello, founded in 1956, continually improves its products to maintain its long history of family-run bicycling expertise. By bringing athletes together with engineers and combining their efforts with carbon fiber technology from Toray, the first manufacturer of carbon fiber, Pinarello remains at the forefront of bicycle innovation. The flagship model Prince has received awards and acknowledgments in every country and is testament to this Italian marque’s dedication to excellence.

Meet Pinarello’s Ground-Breaking Bicycles

Pinarello Dogma F12

Having enjoyed incredible World Tour success with the F8 and the F10, the F12 aims to continue in the same vein. Unlike the previous generations, this bike was designed from scratch for use with disc brakes and reduces drag by 7.3% whilst increasing bottom bracket stiffness by 10% compared to the F10.

So how much faster is the new Dogma F12? Aerodynamics of the new F12 have been improved overall by eight watts at 40kph compared to the F10. That has been made possible with a new integrated handlebar and stem that now hides all the cables, which are routed internally straight into the frame – Pinarello claims a five per cent drag reduction here. The Pinarello Dogma F12 Onda fork and Torayca T1100 carbon fiber frame has also been reworked to save a further 7.3 per cent compared to the F10.

This is your bike if you prioritize speed above all else. You know exactly what it’s like to be off the front, battling the wind in a solo break, and want all the free speed you can get. Go with the Dogma F12 if you want to harness the power and speed like Team INEOS, the winners of the Tour de France.

Pinarello Dogma F10

Pinarello’s Dogma F10 Disk boasts a super high-end Torayca T1100 1K carbon build, as well as a concave downtube shape, taken from the Bolide TT. The Dogma F10 is perfectly crafted for speed, and its flat-mount disc brake tabs will give you the confidence to know that ample stopping power is right at your fingertips.

Pinarello Prince FX

Pinarello Prince is the latest evolution of an all-around bike from Pinarello designed for a wide range of users. Its design comes from a wealth of experience and technologies developed for top range models that have been adapted for a less-extreme use, maintaining the unmistakable riding style of the most successful company in the Tour de France. The frame is built with extremely light carbon fiber that’s aerodynamically shaped, allowing the bike to slip through the wind. Progressive designs on the fork and seat stays result in a smooth and compliant ride, while the oversize downtube and chainstays keep the bike plenty stiff so it maximizes power transfer from every pedal stroke. The Think2 System allows for seamless integration of electronic shifting controls, and when paired with the internal cable routing results in one of the cleanest setups around.

Pinarello Prince

Pinarello tasked their designers and engineers to transfer the amazing riding experience of DOGMA F12 to the new PRINCE. The result is a bicycle with the technical characteristics and performance standards that outperform many high end Road bikes on the market today, and the reason that the PRINCE is a real alternative to DOGMA F12. The Prince inherits the DOGMA F12 total cable integration system, called TiCR, which enables a significant aerodynamic advantage.

Pinarello Paris

The Pinarello Paris brings professional grade technology and features into an entry-level performance road bike. With the design based on the performance leading Dogma, the Pinarello Paris offers the race worth design of a high performance road bike in an affordable endurance loving package. The Paris takes some of the features and technology from the world-class Dogma F12, and integrates them into a more consumer-friendly road bike. The Paris is built with an asymmetrical frame design, building on the success from the Dogma. This type of frame design offsets the uneven weight distribution from the crankset and other components, helping you maintain balance on your ride. Also seen on the Paris is Pinarello’s “FlatBack” tube shape, which increases stiffness and aerodynamics. Built with T600 carbon, the Paris dampens the impacts from unforgiving roads, while offering the lightweight and stiffness of a carbon bike.

Pinarello Grevil

Pinarello has always been synonymous with innovation and performance. Their DNA targets research and development of technical solutions that best represent the rider’s needs. Using this same philosophy, our next project was to create a bicycle for the gravel world. With this careful analysis of specific rider needs we were able to find technical solutions that bring the Pinarello spirit to the world of “mud-tires”. Now after several months of research and development, the PinaLab is proud to present the PINARELLO GREVIL.

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