Pinarello Prince Rival AXS 211 BoB



  • Integrated Front End – No visible cables
  • Increased Frame Aerodynamics & Rigidity
  • New Fork Flaps decrease drag around the wheel attachment
  • Asymmetrical Downtube
  • SRAM Force eTap AXS 12-speed electronic drivetrain

*Please note, the specific build in store may not be shown as pictured in the provided stock photo.*

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The geometry of the Pinarello Prince was engineered with the elite performance of the Dogma in mind. It promotes a combination of low weight, high stiffness, aerodynamics, and asymmetry. The Prince offers clearance for up to 28c tires, giving you the option for extra comfort compared to a professional race bike. Equipping these larger tires will provide more dissipation of vibration and help compensate for the stiff nature of the frame. The addition of disc brakes helps you feel confident in your braking power in harsh weather conditions or down steep descents. This extra comfort with amazing handling, great stiffness, lightweight, and aerodynamics gives you everything you need to perform at your very best on the road.

In addition to its optimal comfort, the Prince Disk has plenty of aerodynamic features on its frame for when you want to test your limits. An aero headtube and front end help you deal with headwinds, as does the famous Pinarello Onda fork. This fork is featured on their best road bikes, eliminating empty space between the fork and the down tube. This creates a system where the fork and frame act as one. An integrated system like this takes away turbulent air between the fork and the frame to significantly improve the overall aerodynamics of the bike. The right side of the fork is slightly longer than the left to compensate for the natural asymmetry of the bike, giving you a more balanced ride that will pay off on sprints and climbs. Aerodynamics are further improved by flatback seatstays and a concave down tube that shields water bottles from the wind.

The Pinarello Prince Disk is comfortable, fast, and ready for a long ride. This versatile machine can power through long sprints or help you make your way up to huge climbs. This version of the Prince Disk is equipped with SRAM Force AXS. This gives you easy and reliable shifting. It also incorporates internal cable routing in their TiCR system which keeps a sleek look and the aero theme of the bike. With the Pinarello Prince, you get a perfect combination of practicality, safety, and speed at an outstanding value.

The Pinarello Prince Disk gives you great value for performance and reliability on the road. A direct descendant of the Tour de France dominating Dogma, the Prince has excellent speed and climbing ability with similar geometry. This setup takes some of the technology from the elite Dogma F12 and makes it accessible to a wider range of riders. This frame is made of lightweight T700 carbon which reduces the cost from the Prince FX and the Dogma while still giving you the climbing ability you expect. This model is more comfort-oriented than the Prince FX and is perfect for long days in the saddle. The Prince helps riders hit their goals in both speed and distance.

*Please note, the specific build in store may not be shown as pictured in the provided stock photo.*




Pinarello Dogma F12 Geometry Chart


Bike Colors


Asymmetric frame


Fork Flap


SRAM Rival eTap AXS 12 speed electronic drivetrain


Drop In bearing system ( 1” 1/2 ; 1” ½ )

Bottom Bracket

Italian thread


FSC Frontal

Disc Max Size

Disk Flat Mount max 160mm

Max Tire Size


Bike Sizes


Frame Material


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