Bikes Palm Beach Trucker Hats are In Stock

New Team Apparel at Bikes Palm Beach

Stop by Bikes Palm Beach and get yourself (or a loved one) set up with new gear so ya’ll can represent your favorite bike shop.

For triathletes, we have men’s and women’s one-piece tri suits (just $119.99). Our team tri suits are great for training and perform well in races, too. The lightly-padded bottom portion dries quickly after the swim so you can move on to the bike leg without feeling too bogged down with ocean water in your pants.

Men’s and women’s cycling shorts and jerseys are $85 each. You’ll feel and look great in our moisture-wicking fabric. Plus, the kits are designed to be colorful and eye-catching, adding much-needed visibility while riding the roads. The jerseys have ample storage in the three back pockets, so you can carry a day’s worth of snacks and hydration plus all your additional essentials.

Bikes Palm Beach Trucker Hats (just $24.99 each) are perfect for your casual wear off the bike or for keeping the sun out of your eyes while running, boating, stand-up paddle boarding, or any other outdoor activity.

Our durable 24 oz sports bottles feature a big mouth push spout for easy refueling or hydrating while pedaling. Priced at just $7.50, you can stock up so you have plenty full of your favorite hydration mix at the ready for every one of your workouts. Our favorites are The Right Stuff, Nuun, Skratch, and Tailwind. Check out our hydration and nutrition wall in the store for a vast supply of supplements.


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