Essential Cycling Accessories

Essential Cycling Accessories

Riding a bike brings us so much joy. Some bike gear is indispensable to make our riding experience even better. Our staff recommends essential cycling accessories, ranging from tools necessary to get your bike ready for a ride to the convenient on-the-go items that ensure your safety, health, and fun.

Please note, your essential items may differ from others’, depending on your riding style, fitness goals, and whether you ride on roads or off road. Read on for our top picks for general cycling accessories.

We encourage you to stop by our store for more personalized recommendations to meet your specific needs than what we have listed here. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff can help you select all of your essential cycling accessories.

Flat Repair Kit

It’s important to carry a flat repair kit on your bike rides in order to be prepared for the unfortunate eventuality of a flat tire you may encounter. A flat repair kit typically includes a saddle bag containing a spare inner tube, a tire patch kit, tire levers, which are essential for quickly and easily fixing a flat tire, a small multi-tool, and a nozzle with CO2 cartridges for reinflating your tube.

Carrying a flat repair kit is an essential accessory for any cyclist, whether you consider yourself casual or and will help ensure you’re prepared for any flat tire emergencies that come your way.

Bike Lights

Bike lights are an essential accessory for any cyclist. They make you more visible to drivers, pedestrians, and other cyclists. At night, bike lights help you see the road or trail and ensure that others can see you, too.

Here’s our rule of thumb for selecting the right bike lights. If you ONLY ride in the day time, your front light should be 100-600 lumens to be seen. If you are riding before the sun rises or after the sun sets, you’ll need a front light featuring 600+ lumens to see.

See How to Choose the Right Bike Light for more details.

Serfas and Varia bike lights

Bottle Cage

A bottle cage is an absolutely essential cycling accessory. Whether you’re riding on the road, trails, or around the neighborhood—staying hydrated is important before, during, and after physical activity. If your bike comes equipped with bottle cage mounts, be sure to use them. If your bike does not have bottle cage mounts, there are plenty of options on the market to ensure your ride doesn’t leave you feeling dried out. Stop by our store with your bike and we’ll help you select the solution that works for you.

Giant Liv Delta bottle cages

Bike Computer

Although performance data is not exactly essential for the pure enjoyment of riding a bike, it’s great to have. The most basic of bike computers can provide you with useful information such as speed, distance, and cadence. Upgraded bike computers can provide further data such as GPS mapping, heart rate, elevation, and more. Our favorite GPS computer is the Garmin Edge 1040.

Garmin and Cateye bike computers

Bike Bell

Bike bells are used to alert pedestrians and other cyclists of an approaching bicycle. They are a polite and effective way to ensure everyone’s safety when sharing the road. Plus, they add a little pizzazz to your ride with colorful options to match everyone’s style preferences.

On-Bike Storage

Once you lock down all the essential items, it’s fun to add accessories that enhance your ride and the overall experience. For example, add a trunk rack and bag, or a basket, for carrying extra cargo. Now you can leave the car at home for quick visits to the grocery store. Or you can pack a picnic lunch for a restful stop during a long ride. Bike across town for happy hour. Toss in a hat to cover up your helmet hair when you arrive at your destination.

Accessorize & Style Your Ride

We have a plethora of additional accessories available in our store to style and customize your bicycle to make it feel more like YOURS! From colorful bar tape, grips, and pedals, to cell phone mounts and saddles, to cool jerseys and helmets—we have the cycling accessories you need to enhance each and every ride. So stop by and visit us at Bikes Palm Beach.

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