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Free Assembly & Installation

Expand your riding territory and free up your back seat by shopping bike racks for easy, convenient transportation of your bike(s).

When you purchase a bike rack at Bikes Palm Beach, our knowledgeable staff will assemble the rack and install it on your vehicle—for FREE! We’ll even show you how to load and secure your bike.

Bike Racks for All Types of Vehicles

You never know when there will be an opportunity to ride, so make sure you’re always ready to load up and roll out with the perfect rack. Simplify your journey by securing your steed out of the way while you get from point A to point B.

Transport your bike wherever you go with our collection of reliable, secure, user-friendly trunk and hitch bike racks for your truck, SUV, sedan, and more.

How to Select the Right Bike Rack

Trunk access

Tossing your shoes and jacket into the trunk makes stashing muddy gear post-ride a much less messy endeavor. Check for tilt and sway functions on hitch racks, so you can maintain full access of the back of your vehicle for easy loading up and unloading.

Rack weight

Are you the set-it-and-forget-it type, or will you be uninstalling your car rack on the regular? Car racks can be heavy and cumbersome, so consider their weight if you’ll need to remove yours often.

Integrated locks

Whether stopping for gas, snacks, or to re-up your coffee stash, it’s critical to lock up before leaving your bikes unattended. Make sure your rack can be locked to your vehicle, and that each bike you’re hauling is also locked into place to help prevent some serious heartache.

Small bikes, big bikes, and bikes with unique frames

Most bike racks are designed with standard shapes and wheel sizes in mind. Typically, this means bikes with 20˝ to 29˝(700c) wheels, a traditional top-tube, and tires that are under 3˝ wide. Consider the wheel size(s) and frame style(s) of your bikes and make sure they are compatible with your rack. Kids’ bikes with smaller wheels, fat bikes with wider tires, and bikes with a step-thru frame design all have specific needs to consider. Some racks may have accessories available to broaden carrying capability.

Featured Bike Racks

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