How to Go Off-Road Biking

Top Beginner Friendly Off-Road Bikes

Want to try something new this season? Take your love for riding bikes off road. Check out our guide with our top beginner friendly off-road bikes recommendations and where to ride them. Be sure and stop by to test ride and see what bike is best for you.

What type of off-road riding would you like to try?

Flat. Wide. Gravel and/or dirt.

If you love leisurely rides meandering on flat, wide bike trails that offer excellent wildlife viewing opportunities, then perhaps a dual sport hybrid bike is right for you. These hybrid bikes offer a little front suspension to help smooth the bumps along the way. They’re great for both on and off road recreational and fitness rides and offer a neutral riding position to maximize your comfort.

Dual Sport Bikes are a fun way to explore the multi-use trails at local parks including Riverbend Park and Jonathan Dickinson State Park.

Dual Sport Hybrid Bikes

Hilly. Technical (roots & rocks).

Feeling adventurous and want to go a little further off the pavement? Read on!

Hardtail mountain bikes offer more versatility than a hybrid bike when it comes to rougher terrain. The front suspension is larger, the tires wider, and the frame a bit beefier to handle more dirt, gravel, rocks, and roots with capability and comfort in mind.

Our hardtail mountain bikes are equipped to tackle any trail in the area.

Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

South Florida Trail Maps

Check out our staff recommendations on where to ride in South Florida. From easy off-road riding on flat, wide, multi-use trails to technical, challenging trails—we know all the great spots to ride on and off the pavement.

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