Eagle Carbon Wheelset

Carbon Wheels: The Best Upgrade For Your Bike

Carbon Wheels certainly are one of the best upgrades you can make as a cyclist or mountain biker. The list of benefits runs deep: they’re lighter, more aerodynamic, efficient, responsive—the list goes on. What makes them worth their often hefty price tag? Let us explain.

Carbon fiber is a material that is both lightweight and extremely strong. The common material for wheels is aluminum, meaning they are strong yet heavy. Making the switch to carbon can shave off crucial weight to improve your riding efficiency and provide greater output using less energy.

Another huge benefit of upgrading to a carbon wheelset is that it improves the aerodynamics of your bike. Tests have shown carbon wheels significantly reduce drag compared to aluminum. Looking to shave off some time on your next run? Here is a surefire way to do it.

Upgrading to a carbon wheelset improves performance dramatically. Switching to carbon provides huge increases in stiffness, making your bike more responsive and improving overall handling. You’ll be able to jump out of the gate or break out from the pack during climbs with carbon. You’ll also feel an overall better ride quality, with better impact absorption.

If you want to make an upgrade with significant benefits to your overall performance, carbon wheels are the way to go. Shop our options now by clicking the button below.

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