Smart Trainers

Indoor Smart Trainers

Thanks to the advent of smart trainers and interactive apps, indoor training has never been more fun! If you’re looking to escape the heat and unpredictable summer weather of South Florida, it’s time to bring your training indoors. Bikes Palm Beach can help you select the indoor trainer that’s right for you. We’ll help ensure that it’s compatible with your bike. We can also suggest compatible apps to help enhance your experience and track your training goals.

What is a smart trainer?

Smart trainers are interactive trainers that connect with indoor cycling apps (like Zwift). The app integration controls the trainer’s resistance to replicate hills, headwinds, and other environmental factors that you’re missing on your indoor rides.

Direct drive trainers require you to remove the rear wheel and connect your bike to the trainer via a standard cassette. Direct drive trainers tend to be quieter than wheel-on trainers and offer more accuracy in terms of power metrics than the wheel-on trainers can provide.

Check out our recommendations below to get started. Stop by the store or give us a call to take it to the next step!

Tacx FLUX S Smart Trainer

Tacx Flux S Smart Trainer

Looking for a smart direct drive trainer? FLUX S Smart is the ideal indoor training companion — made to help you sweat while cycling with your favorite apps. Keep track of your performance and progress with reliable, consistent measurements. That includes power, speed and cadence, measured accurately within 3%.

Wahoo Kickr Rollr Smart Trainer

KICKR ROLLR smart bike roller is the easiest way to transition from outdoor bicycle riding to indoor training by combining the KICKR ride feel with the smooth and natural roller motion. KICKR ROLLR’s dual-roller design lets the rear wheel move naturally to match the intensity of your workout, while utilizing KICKR’s best-in-class flywheel technology to control resistance.

Saris H3 Direct Drive Smart Trainer

Following the Saris direct drive smart trainer legacy, the H3 features the same reliability and durability as its predecessors. Encased inside are components meticulously calibrated to measure power, speed and cadence, as well as a precision-balanced flywheel. All built to handle 2000 watts and replicate a 20% climbing grade.

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