Bikes Palm Beach Home Delivery Service

We deliver bikes – even if you didn’t buy it from us!

Whether you buy your bike at Bikes Palm Beach (we sure hope you will), or you found your dream bike online and are having it shipped – we deliver bikes right to your door!

So, ship your dream bike to our shop. We’ll unpack it, assemble it, help you accessorize it, customize it to fit you, and deliver it straight to your front door. Delivery fees start at just $25!

How Home Delivery Works

1. Find Your New Bike

Browse our bike inventory online and shop in store at Bikes Palm Beach with one of our bike specialists. We’ll help you find the bike of your dreams.

Can’t find your dream bike here at our store? We make every effort to match every rider to an awesome bike, but sometimes, we just don’t have that unicorn you seek. Therefore, we understand if you decide to purchase your bike online. Just have your bike shipped to our store at:

Bikes Palm Beach
13975 US Hwy 1
Juno Beach, Florida 33408

2. Customize Your New Bike

Whether you purchase your dream bike at Bikes Palm Beach or elsewhere, we’re happy to help you make your new bike…YOURS! We’ll help you select a comfortable saddle, head and tail lights, bells, pedals, cargo bags, baskets, and any other items to make your first ride not only comfortable, but memorable, too.

Not all bikes fit their riders right out of the box. When you order a bike online, you can miss out on the benefit of having a bike specialist walk you through the sizing and customizing process. That’s where Bikes Palm Beach comes in, though. Even if you bought your bike online, our experienced bike fitters will help ensure that the bike works for you. We’ll adjust your saddle height and positioning, handlebar positioning, and any other adjustments necessary to make your new ride comfortable.

3. Schedule Your Delivery

If you’ve ordered a bike online, give us a call to provide us with the shipping and tracking details. Once it arrives, we’ll assemble it and contact you to schedule your delivery.

Pick up and Delivery for Triathlons

Got a big race coming up? We are a Tribike Transport partner shop, so you can trust the experts to get your bike safely and securely to all the upcoming epic triathlons on your schedule. Coordinate your bike transport with Tribike Transport, drop off your bike here at Bikes Palm Beach on the specified date, and then pick it up when it returns.

Need a pick up and drop off from your home? We got you covered – call us for pick up and delivery service.

A Clean Bike is a Fast Bike

Want your bike squeaky clean and your chain lubricated prior to your big race? Done! You’re going to love our Ultrasonic Cleaning Service and SpeedWax upgrade.

We can even wash your bike after the big race so you can focus on recovery and finding a place in your home to display your new trophy. Then, we’ll give you a call to schedule your looking-like-new bike delivery.

Packing & Shipping

Got a big bike trip coming up? We can pick up your bike, pack it up meticulously, and even coordinate shipping. If you’re taking it on a plane or in a car with you, we’ll pack it and you can pick it up when it’s ready to go. Ship it back and we’ll unpack, assemble, even wash it if you want your bike looking sparkly.

Shipping a bike as a gift to a loved one? Or maybe you sold your bike and are upgrading to a new one. We can help with that, as well! We meticulously wrap each bike in protective material, padded the inside of the packaging, and take photos or videos of the process to ensure complete satisfaction.

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