Essential Tips for New Bike Owners

Congrats on the new bike! Now what?

You took the plunge and bought that shiny new bike, so what comes next (besides riding it, of course)? Here are our top 4 tips for new bike owners in case we missed something on new bike day in our store. Just in case you have questions that you forgot to ask because you were so excited about your new bike, we’ve got some answers for you.

1. Did you know…there’s a “breaking-in” period for bikes?

Yes! For example, bike cables will stretch a bit during your first few rides, so that they may require quick, minor adjustments for proper, smooth shifting. Mountain bike suspensions can also need quick tuning after the first few rides. Don’t stress–this is a routine part of breaking-in new bikes.

2. Tweaking your bike fit is recommended.

Even when you get the right-sized bike, minor adjustments may be necessary to help you enjoy your ride and be more comfortable on your bike. Your saddle position may be too forward, too far back, too high, or too low. Your handlebar position may need adjusting. We recommend riding your new bike for a week or two and noticing what doesn’t feel quite right before scheduling a bike-fitting session. That way, our experienced staff can help adjust the bike and make your bike just right for you.

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3. Bikes need accessories, too.

Don’t forget to accessorize! Do you have a good helmet? Did you forget to buy an air pump? Do you need more bottle cages? Cyclists should use lights to help them see and be seen. And every cyclist needs a flat pack, just in case. Whatever you need or want to help enhance your bike and riding experience, we have it, or we can get it.

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4. Don’t forget about bicycle care and maintenance.

That’s what we are here for, right? Well, yes, but there are a few things you, the bike owner, can do to minimize your trips to us for service. You may wonder how often you should wash your bike and its components, or you might want to know what kind of lubricant is best for your new bike’s chain. Maybe you want to know how to change a flat.

Whatever you need to know about your new bike, we are happy to answer those questions and help however we can. Check the links below to learn more about bike care. Or, bring your bike to the shop and we’ll help you with your service and maintenance questions or concerns.

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We don’t just sell bikes here at Bikes Palm Beach–we pride ourselves on supporting our customers long after they’ve bought bikes from us. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always ready to help you have a better bike riding experience.

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