What is a gravel bike?

What is a Gravel Bike?

A gravel bike is an aerodynamic bike built to ride on multiple surfaces. This category of bike was built for those interested in having a road bike style bike but craving to take on some light off-road terrain and compact gravel trails. Gravel riding brings forth an adventurous spirit unlike that of regular road riding. Getting out into nature and exploring multiple types of terrain is an integral part of this exciting off-shoot of cycling.

Combining versatility with high-performance geometry, these bikes have knobbier tires to take on multiple terrains while maintaining the look of a road bike. These frames offer greater stability for better handling when riding off-road. There is a more upright riding position which means greater comfort while riding as opposed to the typical aggressive road bike riding position. Another great feature of gravel bikes is the ability to mount a lot of luggage or attachments to the bike. Simply put, this means you’ll be able to carry a lot more stuff while out on a ride. Venture for longer with all the goods you need on the back of your bike.

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