How to Mix Up Your Run Routine

Mix Up Your Run Routine This Fall

Have you gotten bored with the same old running routine? Did summer running leave you feeling burned out with running? Since we are seeing the beginnings of “fall” here in South Florida, maybe it’s time to mix up your running routine. The runners here at Bikes Palm Beach have some tips on how to mix up your run routine this fall.

Choose New Routes

Sometimes, a change of scenery is all it takes to snap us out of that “stuck-in-a-rut” feeling. Running in your neighborhood may be convenient, but you see it all the time.

If you’re an Ocean Drive regular and need to see the water, try a different route near the water, for example, along Flagler in West Palm Beach. Try one of the local trails, like Riverbend (super easy and shaded), Pinehurst (be mindful of mountain bikers), or Kitching Creek Trail at Jonathan Dickinson State Park. If you’re tired of doing bridge repeats for hill training, go to Dyer Park in West Palm Beach.

Find a Running Buddy or Group

We get it–some of us love to run solo for alone time or solitude, but hear us out. A run buddy or group can help motivate us on those more challenging runs when we have a bad run day. Running buddies can push us to perform better when we aren’t feeling “it.” And, sometimes, it’s nice to have an easy run where you catch up with friends or solve the world’s problems.

Check out our friends at Palm Beach Roadrunners or Night Runners of West Palm Beach for group runs or events. There is no pressure to do all your running with a buddy or group. Sometimes, our schedules don’t work that way. Trying new things is always good for the soul and for running.

Set New Goals

Some of us run just for the sake of keeping fit and because we love it. However, it may be time to take things up a notch or switch gears in your running game. Have you always been a road runner? Get out on an easy trail. Most running experts agree that running on different surfaces helps us become better runners by challenging those muscles to move differently.

Have you always been a 5ker or 10ker? Maybe shoot for a half marathon in the spring or even a marathon. If you like to help out your fellow humans, try volunteering your time with kids or differently abled folks who want to get into running.

Come & Talk with our Experienced Runners

At Bikes Palm Beach, we can help you find the right shoes and gear for the running you do or want to do. Our resident runners can also help steer you in the right direction for your run nutrition needs. Additionally, we can connect you with like-minded runners of all levels and types. Come in and get started on your next phase of running.

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