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Custom dream bikes created here!

If you’re looking for a high end road bike that turns heads, rides like a dream, and is as unique as you are, you’re in the right place. Through our partnerships with companies like Trek and Pinarello, we can help you create your custom dream bike. Our road bike specialists will source the perfect frame, components, and wheels to make your next bike to your specifications. Your bike. YOUR WAY.

Not sure where to even start? We do. Through a conversation with one of our specialists, we’ll discuss your current riding style and routine, future goals, purchase timeline, and other details to help determine the best bike set up for you.

Browse dream bikes in stock now

Custom-ordered frames are one option when you’re looking to build your dream bike. However, the timeframe for delivery may be longer than you anticipated. We’ll go through your options to discuss the timeframe you have in mind and determine whether it’d be better to build your bike with something we already have in stock, or if you’d like to wait for a custom order.

Get started with one of our specialists today, or browse some of the bikes we have in stock now. We can rebuild any of these bikes to your specifications.

Pinarello Dogma F12

This is your bike if you prioritize speed above all else. You know exactly what it’s like to be off the front, battling the wind in a solo break, and want all the free speed you can get. Go with the Dogma F12 if you want to harness the power and speed like Team INEOS, the winners of the Tour de France.

Trek Road Bikes

Every Trek road bike is designed to deliver best-in-class performance. These are the lightweight, road-smoothing, aerodynamic road bikes that will carry you over the steepest climbs and keep you smiling on the descents. You’ll feel the difference, from the first ride all the way to the podium.

Felt Road Bikes

Felt Bicycles was born on the proving ground of racing. Felt’s performance line features mainly two models, AR and FR. The AR is the most advanced road bike they’ve created, and the most aerodynamic, as well. But it’s not just faster than every one of its predecessors—it’s also better, in every way. The FR is a more traditional, round-tube race bike, one featuring a timeless silhouette, classic road bike manners, and a lightweight construction. Those qualities make for a bike that excels up big mountain climbs and corresponding white-knuckle descents.

High Quality Components & Wheels

Once we select a frame, we’ll help you choose the best groupset and wheels along with all the final details like handlebars, bar tape, pedals, power meters, saddle, and more. All components will be carefully chosen with your performance and comfort in mind.

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