CADEX Triathlon Bike is here at Bikes Palm Beach!

Hard-to-Find Cadex Tri Bike is Here

Triathletes, Bikes Palm Beach now has the fully customizable Cadex Tri Bike in stock. This is the bike that Kristian Blummenfelt rode to victory at the 2022 Ironman World Championship in Kona. Cadex set tongues wagging in the triathlon world with this eye-catching, crazy-fast, aerodynamic triathlon machine.

The bike is specifically designed for triathlons and is very adjustable and customizable for every size triathlete.

With input and real-world testing by triathletes, Cadex designed this tri bike to be super adjustable and customizable and includes triathlete-friendly accessories, like ample nutrition and hydration storage. Cadex also thought of traveling triathletes–this tri bike is easy to pack and unpack and comes with a wheeled, hard-shell case designed by Topeak, making it ideal for travel.

Cadex made this bike customizable with over 1000 configurations–the little tweaks that make riding in the aero position for over 100 miles more comfortable.

The cockpit of this bike has handlebars that include an angle-adjustable setup and arm extensions. The stack height can be raised or lowered 80 mm without moving the handlebars or spacers, and a quick-release system for the internal cable routing enables the cables to remain in place during adjustment. Riders can adjust the width of the armrests and can move them fore and aft 90 mm. The aero seatpost includes a clamp that allows for a range of 70 mm of fore and aft saddle position adjustment.

This design is about comfort and aerodynamics, and Cadex nailed it.

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Cutting Edge Aerodynamics

Cadex built this bike with the highest grade T1000 carbon fiber. Cadex also used advanced layup techniques along with its advanced aerodynamic design technology. Consequently, they created a bike that delivers eye-popping numbers in wind tunnel testing and triathlete-tested superior aerodynamics on the road.

The wide fork design moves air unhindered through the long blades of the fork and around a triathlete’s legs to the streamlined rear of the frame. That front fork also reduces flex and gives the rider better control.

The lack of a top tube and internal cable routing further add to the optimized aerodynamics of this bike, which some of us here at Bikes Palm Beach have affectionately nicknamed “The Batmobile.”

Triathlete-Friendly Accessories

With input from dozens of triathletes, including 2022 Ironman World Champion Kristian Blummenfelt, Cadex designed the down tube with integrated, easy-to-reach storage for your nutrition, as well as a 600 to 1000 ml (depending on frame size) bladder for hydration. There is also an integrated tool kit in the bottom bracket area of the frame with room for the included multi tool, CO2 inflator, and tire lever. Yes, all of that is in the down tube and does not negatively impact the aerodynamics of the bike.

Traveling to Races Made Easy

To further sweeten the deal, the Cadex tri bike also comes with a custom Topeak Pakgo hard-shell, wheeled travel case. This case has an integrated work stand for the athletes who like to work on their bikes while traveling. Cadex’s tri bike is easy to pack, folding in on itself without a need to take it apart. Plus, the case has ample space for the bike frame and wheels for painless transport.

So, what do you think about the Cadex triathlon bike?

We know what some of you are thinking: “That is a weird-looking bike.” Don’t judge the Cadex tri bike by its looks. Consider the features this bike brings to the table. Then, consider how easily customizable and adjustable it is. You’ll realize this bike is a triathlete’s dream. Our renowned service techs at Bikes Palm Beach can build this bike with any components you want. This bike will be personalized for you. Stop in and take a look at the Cadex tri bike. Take one for a spin. That is, if we haven’t sold them all before you get here.

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