How to Select a Kids' Bike

How to Select a Kids’ Bike

Santa is getting ready to deliver new bikes to happy kids this year, with the holidays rapidly approaching. We’ve got some guidance for Santa’s helpers to find the right type and size bike for everyone on the nice list.

Kids’ Bike Sizing

You want a bike that will grow with your child because no one wants to buy a new bike every year. You need to know your child’s height and inseam measurements, standover height, and bike wheel size. Standover height is essential because there should be at least an inch of space when your child stands over the top tube of the bike, with feet flat on the ground. If your child is close to the next size up, it’s usually okay to go ahead and get the bigger bike, but stop in to our shop for a recommendation before making the final decision.

Consider Your Child’s Bike Skills

How comfortable is your child on a bike? Is your child a beginner, and if so, are they currently on a balance bike or training wheels? How stable and confident are they on a bike? Depending on their skills, consider a more beginner-friendly bike. If your child is too big for a balance bike but still a beginner, consider a bike with training wheels, for example.

Your child’s bike skills can also help determine which size to purchase in the event that your child is in between two different sizes. If they are a confident, capable rider, you can size up. If their bike skills need improvement, a smaller bike will help build confidence.

Brakes and Gears

Different kids’ bike sizes have different types of brakes and may or may not have gears. Beginner bikes typically do not have hand brakes or gears. These bikes have coaster brakes, which many of us grew up using–pedal backward, and the bike stops. As kids grow and develop better bike handling skills, hand brakes become more appropriate. They’ll be ready for more than one bike gear as they grow and improve, but beginners don’t need hand brakes and gears.

Helmets, Lights, and Bells

If your child doesn’t already have one, a helmet is the most critical bike accessory–protect those precious noggins! For additional safety, while your little ones are learning and enjoying biking, add lights and bells to their new bikes. Not only are these added layers of safety and security, but they also add flair to your kid’s cool new ride 😎

At Bikes Palm Beach, we proudly carry Trek’s line of kids’ bikes and accessories for the upcoming holidays (and birthdays too). Trek’s bikes are built to grow with your kids, and you know you’re getting quality bikes backed by the Trek name.

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