The Benefits of a Custom Triathlon Bike

Participating in a triathlon is an exhilarating test of your limits, physically and mentally.  As any triathlete would know, to do your best, you also need the right equipment, including a bike to help you get through the longest and often most rigorous leg of the triathlon.

But what kind of bike should you get? Here are some important reasons to make sure your triathlon bike is customized to your needs:

Enhanced Fit

Unless you are the very definition of “average” – in everything from your height and weight to your build and limb length – no off-the-shelf model will fit your body like a customized tri bike will. There are many elements of a triathlon bike that can be customized to improve your fit, comfort, and performance including the seat, angle of the seat, aero bars, wheels, and frame. You can even have control over your storage features so you can have convenient places to put your food, fluids, tools, and emergency kit.

Reduced Risk of Injury

Having a bike that fits you properly causes less strain on your body and fatigue, which will also help you in the running portion of the race. A custom bike is designed to help you ride in comfort, lowering the chance for strains, muscle pain, and other injuries.

Better Performance

In a triathlon, every pedal stroke matters. A customized bike with a proper fit can save you as much as one to three kilometers per hour during your bike leg (1). Through customization, your bike can be built to handle the terrain where you ride and can be optimized to meet the demands of a triathlon.

Improved Quality

Cyclists tend to want the newest, best thing in biking. But when you have a bike that is customized for you and built to your exact specifications, it reduces the temptation to pursue something else. A custom bike is an investment that will serve you for the long haul.

Cost Efficiency

While the cost of materials and high-quality, off-the-shelf bikes increasing, the cost of a customized bike has remained largely the same in recent years. So, the price gap between the two options is much narrower, and in many cases, you can actually save money with a custom bike – especially if you are so happy with it, you can’t imagine wanting anything else!

Supports Small Businesses

Bike people get bike people. Your local bike shop was probably started by someone who wanted to turn their passion into the dream of their own shop. When you go with a custom tri bike, you are not only supporting them, but also local craftspeople and building a relationship with your biking community.

Increased Enjoyment

For most of us, participating in triathlons and biking isn’t just a hobby, it’s a way of life. And when that’s the case for you, you want to feel connected to your bike and for it to be an extension of you. With a customized tri bike, you can show off your personality and be proud of it.

No matter if you are aiming to beat your personal records or hoping to end up on the medal stand, having a custom bike can help take your triathlon game to the next level.

At Bikes Palm Beach, we’d like to help you join the elite league of triathletes and conquer every race with a custom-built triathlon bike designed to amplify your performance. We have an awesome lineup of triathlon bikes to help you achieve your goals, including the top-of-the-line, in-demand Cadex triathlon bike. Contact us to learn more about custom building a Cadex Triathlon Bike, or stop in to try one out today.



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