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  • Ultrasonic Bike Parts Cleaning
    Ultrasonic Bike Parts Cleaning: What’s the big deal? If you’re like most bike owners, one of the things you probably dread most about bike maintenance is cleaning your chain and groupset. Let’s face it–it’s dirty and greasy and nearly impossible to clean to a point […]
  • Folding Bead vs Wire Bead Tires
    What is the difference? HINT: It’s not just the packaging! Most riders don’t spend a lot of time thinking about whether their bike is equipped with folding bead vs wire bead tires. Our focus tends to be on: “Hey, what’s going to hold up best […]
  • Back to School
    It’s back-to-school time at Bikes Palm Beach, too Parents and kids are shopping for supplies for the upcoming school year. Bikes Palm Beach has a great selection of bikes, helmets, apparel, backpacks and gear that your student athlete needs to start the school year on […]
  • Upcoming Local Events & Races 2022
    Looking to sign up for your first triathlon? Want to give mountain bike racing a try? Or maybe you’re beginning to dabble in the world of gravel grinding? We’ve curated a list of upcoming local events and races that you should check out in Palm […]
  • 5 Tips for Summer Running in South Florida
    You love running, but this heat and humidity is…well, it can be soul-sucking (not to mention energy-sucking). But don’t fret—we’ve compiled 5 tips for summer running in South Florida to help you adapt and to still enjoy running, despite the heat and humidity. From shoes […]
  • Top Beginner Friendly Road Bikes
    Level Up with a Road Bike Having trouble keeping up with your riding buddies? Maybe you’ve outgrown that hybrid bicycle you bought during the lockdown and while it has served its purpose, it’s now slowing you down. Ride further and faster on a road bike. A […]
  • Top Beginner Friendly Off-Road Bikes
    Want to try something new this summer? Take your love for riding bikes off road. Check out our guide with our top beginner friendly off-road bikes recommendations and where to ride them. Be sure and stop by to test ride and see what bike is […]
  • Join our Fantasy Tour League
    The biggest international cycling event of the year, the Tour de France, begins Friday, July 1! We’re so excited to watch our favorite riders, teams, and bikes take on the 21 stage challenge this month. To get into the spirit of the sport, we created […]
  • How to Choose Bike Pedals
    Of the three touch points between you and your bike (handlebars, saddle, and pedals), pedals are the most important contact points for transferring power to the bike. While pedals are somewhat universal in function, they vary greatly in application. As a newer rider or someone […]
  • Let’s Talk Tech
    Okay athletes, let’s talk tech. When it comes to swim, bike, run, there is an overwhelming number of gadgets on the market that claim to help improve your performance and training. We hand-picked a few of our favorite tried and true tech products that we […]

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