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  • How to Choose Bike Pedals
    Of the three touch points between you and your bike (handlebars, saddle, and pedals), pedals are the most important contact points for transferring power to the bike. While pedals are somewhat universal in function, they vary greatly in application. As a newer rider or someone […]
  • Let’s Talk Tech
    Okay athletes, let’s talk tech. When it comes to swim, bike, run, there is an overwhelming number of gadgets on the market that claim to help improve your performance and training. We hand-picked a few of our favorite tried and true tech products that we […]
  • Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle
    It often feels like maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a daunting challenge that is impossible to achieve in our daily lives. With the pressures of work, family obligations, maintaining our homes, and still fitting in some relaxation, too, who has time to commit to a […]
  • Women’s-Specific Vs. Unisex Bikes
    Have you ever wondered, “Do I need to buy a women’s-specific bike vs. a unisex bike?” It’s a valid question that we hear a lot in the store and, depending on who you ask, you may receive different answers. However, here at Bikes Palm Beach, […]
  • Carbon vs Alloy Wheels
    Carbon wheels are a big upgrade to consider for most bike owners. What are the real differences between carbon vs alloy wheels? Are carbon wheels really worth it? Let us lay out the details for you. Carbon Wheels Carbon Wheels certainly are one of the […]
  • Indoor Smart Trainers
    Thanks to the advent of smart trainers and interactive apps, indoor training has never been more fun! If you’re looking to escape the heat and unpredictable summer weather of South Florida, it’s time to bring your training indoors. Bikes Palm Beach can help you select […]
  • Upcoming Local Events & Races
    Looking to sign up for your first triathlon? Want to give mountain bike racing a try? Or maybe you’re beginning to dabble in the world of gravel grinding? We’ve curated a list of upcoming local events and races that you should check out in Palm […]
  • Local Beginner-Friendly MTB Races
    Are you interested in mountain bike racing but hesitate to sign up? We are here to encourage you to try it out! Signing up for a local race is a great way to challenge yourself as a rider AND support your local trails at the […]
  • Local Upcoming Gravel Races in South Florida
    Ready to test your gravel skills in a competition setting? There are multiple races coming up in South Florida for off-road riders to sink their tires into. Gravel Palm Beach Event Details: Apr 17, 2022 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM Location: Duffy’s Sports Grill, 6845 […]
  • Road Bikes vs Gravel Bikes: What Are The Differences?
    To the untrained eye, road and gravel bikes can look quite similar. In fact, both contain enough similarities in certain cases to be used similarly. However, there are some important differences we’d like to highlight here. Let’s go through them now. Road vs Gravel Tires […]

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