Top signs it's time to replace your running shoes

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Running Shoes

“300 to 500 miles.” “Four to six months.”  All runners have heard (and often ignored) these guidelines for replacing running shoes. So, which is it? How do you know when it’s time to replace them? Bikes Palm Beach isn’t just a bike store–we have some advice for our runner friends on when to replace their beloved kicks.

New and Unusual Pain

Any new or different pain you experience while or after your run can be a telltale sign your shoes need replacing. Shin splints, joint pain, muscle fatigue on both sides while running, or achy ankles, knees, hips, and feet after a run indicate that your shoes have probably lost their cushioning. If you can feel the impact of each step in your bones, then it’s time. Any new blisters or chafing are additional signs you need new shoes.

Worn Treads

Look closely at the treads on your shoe soles. Check the patterns for where your foot tends to strike the ground. Uneven wear patterns may indicate needing a different shoe for your gait. Cushioning and support wear down long before your treads, so worn-down treads are red flags for running shoes. (Seriously, don’t wait that long. You’ll enjoy your runs much more with shoes that aren’t worn out.)

Shoe Replacement Checklist

  • Worn-down tread
  • Cushioning and/or support feels like it’s missing
  • Holes in the upper
  • Fraying inside the shoe in the heel/Achilles area
  • No spring in the midsole or creases where your foot impacts the ground
  • Shoes look uneven on a flat surface

Make Your Shoes Last Longer

Have your local running store, like Bikes Palm Beach, analyze your gait to recommend the right shoe type for you. Try to only wear your shoes for running. Rotate more than one pair of shoes for your running–this will lengthen the life of your running shoes significantly, especially if you run on mixed surfaces. For example, avoid wearing road running shoes on trails, and vice versa.

Freshen up your run with new shoes in stock!

If you’re still unsure about whether it’s time to replace your most important piece of running gear, come into Bikes Palm Beach and let one of our experienced team members analyze your gait (which is free) and find the right shoes for you and your running style. We love our runners as much as we love our cyclists and swimmers. Stop by any day for your free gait analysis and a new pair of shoes.

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