Why you need pickleball-specific shoes for the court.

Why You Need Pickleball-Specific Shoes for the Court

Why on earth would we, a bike/run/swim shop, be talking about pickleball shoes, you may ask? Many of our staff and customers play pickleball—including cyclists, runners, and swimmers. It’s fun and a great way to cross-train for other sports. It also breaks up the monotony of training. And Bikes Palm Beach now has them in stock.

Why aren’t your regular running shoes “good enough” for playing pickleball? We’ve got the low-down on why you should leave your running (or walking) shoes at home when you play everyone’s new favorite sport.

Optimized Tread and Outsole

While running and walking shoes are designed explicitly for forward-backward movement, these shoes support multi-directional movement. Pickleball-specific shoe treads have more traction and are more durable than other athletic shoes. Traction on the court is vital for injury prevention from the quick stops-and-starts and sliding that happens on the court. Consequently, the rugged rubber outsole lasts longer through all the footwork on the pickleball court than a softer running outsole. You’ll destroy your running/walking shoes pretty quickly playing pickleball.

Asics GEL Game 9 Pickleball Traction

Stability for the Court

These shoes have a stability shank running the length of the shoe from heel to toe, located between the cushioning and the outsole. This critical piece of the shoe protects your ankle from rolling and potential slips and falls. (The stability shank is often visible in the arch of the sole.) None of us wants injuries sidelining us from enjoying ourselves. Therefore, that added stability is essential.

Asics GEL Game 9 Pickleball Shoes Sole

No Drop for Pickleball Shoes

Runners often talk about the “heel-toe drop” on shoes. “Drop” means the difference in cushioning thickness between the heel and toe areas of the shoe. While a “standard” running shoe will have around 10mm drop (some more and some less), pickleball shoes usually measure close to or right at 0mm.

The main benefit of nearly flat shoes for pickleball is that you can pivot on your heels and forefoot without shifting your weight to one part of the shoe (which can lead to a rolled ankle or a fall). If you need arch support (or some other kind of support), experts recommend replacing the standard shoe insert with a support insole rather than playing in a running shoe with arch support.

Browse Pickleball Shoes

Now that we have pickleball shoes in stock, stop by Bikes Palm Beach and let us help you find the right pair for you. You’ll be able to join your friends on the court without worrying about trashing your running shoes now. (Yeah, our friends have been pestering us to join in the fun, too.)

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