Let's Talk Tech

Let’s Talk Tech

Okay athletes, let’s talk tech. When it comes to swim, bike, run, there is an overwhelming number of gadgets on the market that claim to help improve your performance and training. We hand-picked a few of our favorite tried and true tech products that we know you’re going to love, too.

For the Garmin Geeks, integrate ALL your cycling gear for the best experience.

Garmin Varia

Garmin Varia RCT715

This rearview radar with tail light pairs with your Edge® bike computer or compatible smartphone to alert you of vehicles approaching from behind. It’s small, it’s easy to mount, and it works with just about any bike. Get more life out of your radar with up to 16 hours of battery life in day flash mode.

Garmin Tacx Flux S Smart Trainer

The well-balanced design and large footprint of the FLUX S Smart trainer ensures maximum stability, even during the most explosive sprints, up to 1,500 watts. Keep track of your performance and progress with reliable, consistent measurements. That includes power, speed and cadence, measured accurately within 3%. The FLUX S Smart trainer communicates via BLUETOOTH® Smart technology and ANT+® FE-C protocol, so it works with a number of popular training apps such as TrainerRoad and Zwift. You can opt to use the trainer in stand-alone mode. When not connected, it will simulate a flat road; the faster you ride, the higher the resistance.

Garmin Rally Pedals

Garmin Rally is tested to the extreme, so you can ride there too. This single or dual sensing power meter delivers reliable power measurements and is easy to transfer between bikes no matter what bike you’re on or where you’re riding. It installs like any other pedal and is easy to swap from bike to bike. Yes, really. It’s more than just watts. Advanced cycling dynamics show left/right balance and more. Take a deep dive into your performance by measuring total power, cadence and more. Clip in with ease. Edge® cycling computer compatibility makes software updates and data uploads easy. Sync data to your favorite apps for even more analysis and data sharing. Available in Shimano SPD-SL, SPD, Look Keo for on the road and off.

Topeak Smartgauge D2

The second-generation digital gauge features a rotating SmartHead® and works seamlessly with Presta and Schrader valves without changing parts. Precision digital gauge reads up to 250 psi / 17 bar and is designed for use with tires, suspension forks and rear shock units. LCD display can be programmed to show pressure in psi, Bar, or kg/cm2.

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