Why Triathletes Should Try Gravel Biking

Gravel Biking for Triathletes

Are you looking to mix things up in your triathlon training routine? Gravel riding is an excellent way for triathletes to enhance their fitness and skills. Gravel riding combines the benefits of engaging a different type of mental focus that comes with riding on different and varying terrain, enhancement of bike handling skills, and added leg strength, all of which will help you be a better triathlete.

Improve Mental Focus

Triathlete training often incorporates longer, steady cycling efforts on roads. While this requires mental fortitude to sustain, gravel riding requires different skills. Gravel riding can help triathletes let go and learn to relax while riding. Plus, you get the added benefit of a change of scenery and people without thinking about traffic.

Improve Bike Handling Skills

Riding on uneven and unpredictable terrain uses different mental and physical muscles. Though gravel riding isn’t as “technical” as mountain biking, you’ll encounter lots of twists and turns, ruts, loose dirt and rocks, mud, and water along the way in your graveling adventures (and with far less risk of injury than mountain biking, for the clumsier people among us 😆). Your effort responds to the landscape, not pre-set times, paces, or power. This variability can make the ride more challenging, but let’s be honest–we are triathletes. “Challenging” means “more fun.”

Improve Strength and Endurance

Road riding on smoother surfaces (or on a bike trainer) doesn’t translate to many position changes for your legs and body. Riding on uneven and changing topography requires leg muscles differently, increasing your leg strength and endurance. Your upper body and arms will also see added strength benefits from the varying movements.

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