E-Bike Laws in Florida: What you need to know

E-Bike Laws in Florida

What you should know about E-Bike laws in Florida

You’ve taken the plunge and are now the proud owner of a new e-bike. But do you know the laws and local ordinances regarding the operation and use of e-bikes here in Florida? We don’t want to bum everyone out with rules, but it’s important to know these things before and during bike rides. So we’ve done some homework on this topic for you. That way, we can all have more fun and be safe while riding on and off the road.

Florida state laws governing E-Bike use

Bottom line: Florida state law considers e-bikes the same as human-powered bikes (mostly). The same rules and operator obligations for riders of human-powered bikes also apply to riders of e-bikes. In Florida, people can ride e-bikes anywhere human-powered bikes can, such as bike lanes, multi-use paths, streets, and sidewalks.

Florida state law updated to remove age restrictions

Florida state law previously prohibited riders who are under the age of 16. But now in 2023, it is legal for individuals of any age to ride e-bikes on Florida roadways. However, keep in mind that helmets are required for all riders under 16 years old.

Florida state law updated to increase E-Bike speed limit

E-bikes in Florida should not be able to exceed 28mph with electrical assistance, the top speed of Class 3 e-bikes. Otherwise, we cross into moped or electric motorcycle territory, which are most definitely not e-bikes under Florida law. At Bikes Palm Beach, we sell Class 1, 2, and 3 e-bikes.

Local laws and ordinances governing E-Bike use

State law makes exceptions for local or municipal laws or ordinances restricting or outright banning the use of e-bikes in certain areas. We strongly encourage new e-bike owners to check with their local governments regarding where and how they can ride e-bikes. For example, in both St. Augustine and Sarasota, certain areas of those cities restrict the use of e-bikes on sidewalks, due to a large number of pedestrians/tourists in those cities.

The Town of Juno Beach has an ordinance prohibiting the “driving of motor vehicles…on sidewalks and bicycle paths,” which applies to e-bikes powered by an electric motor of more than 750 watts.

The Town of Jupiter does not appear to have additional ordinances regarding e-bike riding; however, we strongly urge you to check with your local authorities.

E-Bike use within state parks

E-bike use is permitted in Florida state parks, as long as riders comply with Florida state law. Along those lines, just be courteous to each other out on the trails. Don’t be that person.

Know your rights AND your responsibilities

Riding bikes should be all about the fun and experience of the ride. Just remember that we have these rules and laws to ensure we all enjoy our rides to the fullest.

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*Referencing 2023 Florida Statutes 316.20655 – Electric bicycle regulations.


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