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Bikes Palm Beach carries Cervelo bikes for road cyclists, triathletes, and gravel riders. Stop by and take a test ride on these stage- and podium-winning bikes.

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Cervelo Road Bikes

Cervelo’s road bike line demonstrates the company’s passion for the open road, whether it’s climbing, claiming the leader jersey, or sprinting to the finish.

Cervelo Gravel Bikes

Cervelo’s gravel bikes take a page from the uncompromising speed of their road racing bikes and have the results to show for it. A huge World Championships win in Fayetteville and this year in Hoogerheide, dominance at the CX World Cup circuit, and the near-permanent presence at the front of the biggest gravel races in the world—and they’re just getting started.


Cervelo Triathlon Bikes

Cervelo’s new P-series TT bikes are no-nonsense machines engineered to get you from A to B as fast as possible. It’s a no-excuses machine and your perfect PR sidekick. It’s lighter and more aero than its predecessor, the P3, making it faster on all courses.

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