How to Avoid Common DIY Bike Maintenance Mistakes

How to Avoid Common DIY Bike Maintenance Mistakes

We all agree that bikes are a fun way to get around and stay fit. Let’s not forget that they require regular maintenance for optimal performance. Unfortunately, if you’re not very familiar with proper bike maintenance, it can be easy to make mistakes, leading to costly repairs or accidents down the road. We compiled a list of common DIY bike maintenance mistakes and how bike owners can avoid them.

Neglecting your chain

Not cleaning the bike chain creates excessive and unnecessary wear on your chain and negatively impacts your bike’s drivetrain performance. The best way to take care of your bike chain is to use a good chain degreaser and lubricant. Our staff can make some recommendations based on what type of bike you ride and where you ride.

Over-lubrication is also a common mistake. Applying too much lubricant to your bike’s chain and gears attracts more dirt and debris, leading to a buildup that can cause parts to wear out more quickly. To avoid this, use a moderate amount of lubricant and wipe off any excess with a clean rag.

Incorrect tire inflation

Improper inflation of bike tires, either underinflating or over-inflating, can lead to headaches. Riding with under-inflated tires can cause excessive wear and tear on the tires, and it can also make the bike more difficult to handle. Over-inflating tires usually causes blown inner tubes or, at the very least, a very bumpy ride.

To avoid this, check your tire pressure regularly, preferably every time you prepare to ride your bike. Ensure it’s within the recommended range printed on the tire’s sidewall. (Bike tires lose an average of 1 pound of pressure daily, even when not being ridden.)

Incorrect torque

Loose bolts on your bike can lead to parts falling off while riding, which can be dangerous. On the other hand, over-tightened bolts can also damage a bike, especially carbon frame bikes.

To avoid this, inspect your bike regularly and use a torque wrench to tighten bolts to the manufacturer’s recommended specifications. If you’re unsure about the recommended specifications, bring your bike in and we’ll be happy to provide you with some advice. Or you can leave it to the experts and have us handle all your maintenance!

Insufficient storage solution

Improper storage can cause costly damage to your bike, especially in a sub-tropical climate like South Florida. Heat, humidity, and salt air can cause rust and other damage to your bike when you leave or store it outside. If you can, keep your bike in a dry, climate-controlled area, or cover it with a tarp or bike cover if it must be stored outside.

We offer expert maintenance, so you don’t have to worry

Neglecting regular maintenance can lead to major problems with your bike, including worn-out parts, misaligned wheels, and other issues. To avoid this, follow a regular maintenance schedule, and bring your bike to your friendly, highly skilled technicians here at Bikes Palm Beach for all your maintenance needs.

At Bikes Palm Beach, we love bikes and are always happy to help our customers keep theirs rolling for miles of enjoyment. Call or stop by to schedule service for your bike. We’re open 7 days a week and most services can be completed within 24 hours!

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