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Niner makes off road bikes their one and only love, their heart and soul out there on the trail or the road less traveled. They are 100% committed to impeccable designs & exquisite ride quality. It’s a dedication they want to share with you on every ride.

Niner is a group of passionate riders and adventurers based out of beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado. When they aren’t making some of the best bikes in the business, they can be found riding in the foothills just down the road or on the gravel roads a stone throw away from the office. And when they’re too tired to ride, you might find them out fly fishing or relaxing on the patio of one Fort Collins’ craft breweries or coffee houses.


On the trail, the Niner community is diverse and friendly. Whether you are on your local singletrack or in the middle of an epic journey, don’t be surprised to receive a ton of comments, questions and smiles – Niner bikes tend to generate conversations. Off the trail, you can count on Niner for great customer service. Once you’ve found the bike of your dreams, Niner will back it with a solid warranty plus we’ll give you a wealth of information to improve your experience and make you feel at home.


Whether you’re an XC racer chasing PRs or a recreational rider looking for a full suspension bike perfect for South Florida trails, consider the Niner RKT 9!

Lift off with the trail-ready Rocket

The RKT 9 is super versatile with a stout 120mm suspension fork and a slightly slack geometry. Hammer the race course or hit the local trails with a pedal friendly bike that’s not afraid to get rowdy going down. With 90mm of efficient CVA rear suspension, you’ll be quickest to the top of the climbs, yet pay no penalty going down.

If you’re shredding the South Florida trails each weekend and you’re looking for a light bike with shorter travel to help you keep up with the pack, the Niner RKT is the way to go!


Looking for a fast and fun bike with a plush suspension and wide tires that can handle rowdier trails? Niner’s JET 9 RDO is just what you need!

Capability, meet versatility

When mountain bikers want one bike that does everything well, we show them the JET 9 RDO. By blending the best attributes of a dedicated cross-country bike with the suspension and geometry characteristics of a trail bike, you end up with a very versatile bike.

The JET 9 RDO is compatible with either 29-er or a 27.5-Plus wheels and tires. The frame geometry is made to manage both technical downhills and challenging climbs. And the suspension system is designed for a blend of efficiency and performance.

[R]Evolution geometry

Niner’s [R]Evolution geometry translates to modern trail manners when you need them most. The roomy cockpit has a comfortable reach for short stem lengths, giving you quick handling and plenty of maneuverability to blast through chunder and slash corners. And of course, the slack, 67-degree front end and long wheelbase contribute stability and self-confidence when you’re dropping into the steepest lines.

On the other hand, a steep 74-degree seat angle gets you centered over the BB for climbing. It’s paired nicely with the short 434mm chainstay length for better pedaling efficiency when you’re crawling up the steep sections of trail.


King of the Mountain

The trail taming RIP 9 RDO This do-it-all trail bike hits the sweet spot with 140mm of consistent, controlled CVA suspension, progressive and adjustable geometry, and increased frame stiffness. Plus it’s got more standover for 170mm dropper posts, longer reach, and a shorter head tube. More versatile and capable than ever before, reach for the RIP to tackle any trail.

A little less travel, and a LOT more bike

The new RIP 9 RDO sports 140mm of CVA suspension on a light, stiff, strong RDO carbon frame. With a 150mm travel FOX 36 fork up front, a 66-degree head tube angle, and a 75.8-degree seat tube angle, we’re hitting the sweet spot of efficiency and capability. Niner also built in more standover clearance and a shorter seat tube to accommodate 170mm dropper posts.

By adding new Rib Cage struts across the front triangle, flattening the top and down tubes, widening the main rocker link pivot, and beefing up the rear triangle, the entire bike is stiffer from front to back. The struts reduce bottom bracket deflection while keeping the upper portion of the front triangle supple and compliant. And the wide, flat surfaces found on Niner’s top and downtube help to absorb frontal impacts and vibrations while resisting deflection (twisting) under torsional load.

This is the longest, lowest, and slackest Niner ever made. Thanks to the flip chip, two different geometries mean two bikes in one. The high mode geo is perfect for everyday trail riding.

The RIP launches uphill and over technical terrain, thanks to CVA suspension and the steep seat tube angle. When you’re all out of breath, turn around and point it down. Drop in with confidence thanks to the long reach, low BB, and slack, 66-degree head tube angle.

The RIP’s low mode brings out its rock star, party down personality. By slacking out the head angle a full degree to 65, and lowering the bottom bracket 7mm, the RIP transforms into a whole new bike that’s perfect for chairlift days, shuttle sessions and back-country excursions with long, rowdy descents.

CVA suspension

Niner’s Constantly Varying Arc, or CVA™, suspension design is a short dual-link, four-bar system unique to Niner, developed in house and patented. It’s built to be supple yet stable, controlling unwanted suspension movement with calibrated anti-squat, yet remaining active while climbing and descending.

Stiffness, efficiency, light weight, and durability are all critical. That’s why Niner uses Enduro Max Black Oxide pivot bearings, rigid, machined aluminum linkages, and high end fasteners to hold it all together. If you’re going to bother pedaling a full-suspension bike, you want it to work right, all the time.

RDO carbon fiber

Any race bike worth its weight these days is made from carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is common, but care, quality and attention to detail are not. Niner does not cut any corners. Niner Race Day Optimized carbon fiber is a cut above.

Niner starts with the best grades of raw carbon layered precisely according to the stress points on the frame structure. In construction, the process employs rigid internal molds and results in tighter, more consistent compaction of the carbon fabric.

The result? Increased precision in wall thickness and reduced resin pooling in the final product. Not only are Niner frames stronger, but they can also build more elaborate structures with better ride tuning, increased stiffness, outstanding durability, and less weight.

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