Oakley DRT3 Mountain Bike Helmet


  • A durable, protective trail helmet for all-level MTB riders
  • Textile foam padding and durable outer shell absorb impact
  • MIPS system reduces rotational forces in the event of a crash
  • Skull Matrix 360-degree Fit system allows for easy adjustments
  • Sunglasses easily tuck away with in-vent eyewear storage
  • Adjustable visor helps keep the bright sun away from the face
  • Large vents optimize airflow for better breathability
  • Complete with a silicone sweat guard for a dry ride

No matter how experienced we may be on the trails, protecting our head in the event of a crash is of utmost importance, so we clip on the Oakley DRT3 Trail Helmet before we head out on our ride. Its extra-durable outer shell and textile foam padding absorb impact, while the added MIPS technology reduces rotational motion as our head hits the ground for added protection. To ensure a secure fit to the head, we tighten down the 360-degree fit system and adjust our visor to keep the sun out of our face.

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