Tips for Safe Running

Practical Tips for Safe Running

For most runners, there’s something almost meditative about lacing up and going for a run, no matter the distance or the pace. Most of us want to be able to zone out and shut out the world when we are running, but there are some simple things we can do to ensure our runs are enjoyable and safe. We’ve got some practical tips for safe running that are also fun so that your focus can be on your running (or maybe that podcast you love to listen to while you run).

Running Lights

With more drivers than ever on the roads, and many of those drivers being more distracted than ever (put down the cell phones, people), runners must increase their visibility as much as possible. Since many runners in our area frequently run before sunrise or after sunset to beat the heat, lights should be an integral part of your running gear. Wearing lights, even during the day, can significantly increase how visible and noticeable we are to drivers, especially when those lights are blinking. At Bikes Palm Beach, we have a variety of lights that suit most runners’ needs, from clip-ons to headlamps to handheld lights.

Reflective Running Apparel

Most running apparel these days includes some reflective material in their designs, whether it’s shorts, tops, vests, hats/visors, or shoes. Running shoes also incorporate reflective fabric, encompassing most parts of the shoe. Hydration belts and hydration vests also include reflective materials to optimize visibility in low-light or dark conditions. There are even reflective shoelaces to help increase visibility.

Sun Protection for Runners

Not to be a buzzkill, but considering where we live and run, we also need to talk about protecting ourselves from sun damage. While good sunscreen is vital to protecting our skin from harmful, damaging UV rays, UPF fabrics provide another layer of sun protection for runners in the Sunshine State. At Bikes Palm Beach, we carry some shirts, tanks, shorts, hats, and arm sleeves that are UPF rated.

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Self Defense for Runners

Most of us don’t want to talk about this part of running until something terrible happens to someone we know, especially for those of us who, due to time/schedule constraints or personal preference, find ourselves running solo.

Bikes Palm Beach has the Nathan SaferRun Ripcord Siren, which clips to anything you’re wearing and activates with one quick tug of a cord. Once you pull that cord, a deafening alarm sounds (115 decibels–as loud as an ambulance siren), along with an ultra bright LED strobe light, to help others locate you to assist you. The SaferRun Ripcord Siren is also reusable, so you can turn it on and off whenever you need it.

Where to Shop

At Bikes Palm Beach, our highest priority is the health and welfare of our customers, runners, cyclists, and swimmers alike. Our practical tips for safe running are just part of the solution in keeping you safe and aware of your surroundings. We proudly stock a wide variety of gear to help keep you safe out there while you rack up the miles and concentrate on your run.


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