Myth BUSTED! You CAN be comfortable on a road bike

Learn how to make your road bike more comfortable

You don’t need to ride in the super aggressive, sporty position like the pros when riding your road bike. Watch Nick as he takes you through some configurations that we can make to your road bike to help you ride longer and more comfortably.

Bike Fitting Service

Bring your road bike to Bikes Palm Beach and we’ll help you adjust the set up to maximize your comfort for your next ride. We’ll discuss the concerns you have and work with you to determine the solution. One of the most common course of actions to providing direct relief is to raise the handlebar, which will keep you riding in a more upright position. We’ll also ensure your seat height and position is correct, too, to prevent you from feeling too stretched out on the bike.

Our bike fitters on staff are here to assist you with your pursuit of comfort to achieve your riding goals.

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