2023 Bikes Palm Beach Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday season, Bikes Palm Beach is your one-stop shop for holiday shopping, whether you’re shopping for the cyclist, swimmer, or runner on your list – you’ll find thoughtful gifts in gear and accessories at Bikes Palm Beach.

Need some Swim, Bike, Run Giftspiration?

We wanted to make thoughtful gift-giving a little easier on you this year. That’s why we put together our Holiday Gift Guide, thoughtfully curated to help you find useful gifts for the people you love most.

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Great gifts for runners!

Runners can be tough on their gear with all the miles of pavement and the harsh Florida elements throughout the year. To prevent injury and keep your runner healthy, safe, and comfortable, the holidays are a great time freshen up their gear.

Many runners replace their running shoes every 3-6 months. Some do so even more frequently based on their mileage. What could be more comforting and practical than receiving a brand new pair of shoes and socks under the tree?

Fresh Running Shoes
Give your runner a fresh pair of their favorite shoes and socks! Not sure where to start? If they’ve shopped here before, chances are we have their size and style on file. Just consider us Santa’s little helpers! Stop by today and we’ll help ensure they love their gifts this holiday season.

Triggerpoint Recovery Tools
Muscle recovery tools are an awesome way to fend off soreness and prevent injury. One tool many athletes utilize for recovery is a foam roller. Foam rolling has been shown to reduce soreness and increase range of motion. Triggerpoint makes great recovery products for athletes that you can find here at Bikes Palm Beach.

Triggerpoint Recovery Tools

Running Accessories
We have a great selection of running accessories from Nathan that every avid runner should have on their list! From lights, safety, hydration, storage, and more—you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Great gifts for cyclists!

The holidays are a great time for cyclists to stock up and freshen up their gear for continued epic riding in the new year! We have some recommendations to help you select useful and thoughtful gifts for the cyclist on your list this year.

Floor Pump
Because tire pressure must be checked prior to each ride, a durable, reliable floor pump like this Topeak JoeBlow is a must-have for any cyclist at any level of experience. The features on this pump—its ergonomic handle, enlarged gauge, twin pump head (to service both types of valves)—make inflating tires a breeze.

Garmin Varia RCT715

Garmin Smart Tail Light
Keep your cyclist safe & gift the Garmin Varia RCT715. This tail light is packed with smart safety features including a radar to detect & alert you to approaching vehicles plus a camera to photograph and record video right from your seat post. All of the features are controlled remotely from the Garmin Edge bike computer.

Aero Cycling Helmet
A fresh helmet makes a great gift! The Rev Pro Mips helmet is the perfect combination of ultra-lightweight head-cooling design, aero speed, comfort, and safety. On the grueling day-long ride or in the all-out sprint, the Rev Pro delivers you maximum performance advantage.

Pedal-Based Power Meters
Got a serious cyclist on your list? Give them the gift of data! The Garmin Rally Pedal-Based Power Meters tracks performance by measuring total power, cadence and more. These dual-sensing power meters deliver reliable power measurements and is easy to transfer between bikes no matter what bike or where the ride goes.

Featured Road Bikes in Stock

Great gifts for mountain bikers!

Mountain bikers can face many destructive elements throughout the year on their bikes, including rain, mud, sweat, sun, and wildlife. By year’s end, you may be looking at your mountain biker’s gear and wondering how its even still usable.

Do your loved one a favor and provide a not-so-subtle alternative to wearing shoes or helmets that have been duct taped together! Here are some recommendations from our very own in-house mountain bikers.

Oakley DRT3 Mountain bike helmet

Lightweight Helmets
Did you know? Bicycle helmets should be replaced every 3-5 years or immediately after any impact. Freshen up your trail rider’s gear with a new helmet like this super lightweight Oakley DRT3 mountain bike helmet. It’s a perfect fit for all-level mountain bikers and includes high-end features for a competitive price.

Maximum Noggin Protection
Want to gift your mountain biker the best head and face protection possible? We recommend the Giro Switchblade full-face helmet. The chin bar is removable, too, so it’s actually 2 helmets in one! Maximum protection for gnarly trails combined with comfort and versatility.

Race Face Chester Mountain Bike Flat Pedals

Colorful Flat Pedals
New pedals can make an older bike feel like a new ride! Race Face Chester flat mountain bike pedals are lightweight, durable, and come in a variety of fun colors to match every rider’s style. If you bring in the bike, we’ll install them, making your gift even more thoughtful.

Hydration Backpack
How do mountain bikers stay hydrated on the South Florida trails? Give the gift of fully hydrated epic trail rides. This pack comes with a bladder for carrying up to 100oz of water plus room for snacks, tools, and any additional gear needed for the adventure. Lightweight materials lighten the load and smart cargo carry help to keep eyes on the trail.

Camelbak MULE Pro 14 100oz Hydration Pack

Additional recommendations

  • Maintenance supplies like chain lubricant, bike wash, multi-tools, and tire sealant
  • Brand-new mountain bike shoes & socks (bonus points for bright colors!)
  • Mountain biking apparel including jerseys and padded shorts
  • Protective gear including elbow & knee pads and gloves
Muc Off Cleaning Supplies

Featured Mountain Bikes in Stock

Great gifts for swimmers!

Whether your swimmer is new to the sport, starting to get serious, or super seasoned, we’ve got great gear to stash under the tree to make every swimmer smile.

Shop Swim Gear at Bikes Palm Beach

If you have a swimmer or triathlete on your shopping list this holiday season, Bikes Palm Beach is your one-stop-shop. We carry colorful swim caps, apparel, training fins, kickboards, paddles, goggles, swim buoys, and more to fully equip your swimmer for the upcoming season.

Hydration and nutrition supplies make great stocking stuffers!

Keep your athlete properly hydrated and fueled for every workout, training session, and competitive events. Our well-stocked nutrition and hydration station is one of the best in the county! We carry an excellent variety of all the top brands when it comes to sports nutrition. If you’re unsure what to choose, our knowledgeable and friendly staff can help you make a selection for the athelete on your shopping list.

Give them the gift of choice!

Can’t decide what to buy for the swimmer, runner, cyclist who seems to have it all?

Show you care and load up a Bikes Palm Beach Gift Card with any dollar amount. Our gift cards do not expire and can be reloaded at anytime! Stop in and pick one up.

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